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    No Bitmap Preview, Rebuild Error

    Ryan Bowerman

      After I release a solidworks part or assembly, there is no bitmap image saved. So when I'm looking through a folder as large icons they are not displayed. When clicking on the part or assembly to see it in the preview window it tells me there is no bitmap preview. When show bitmap in preview window is turned off and I click the file to show the edrawings preview there is text in the preview window stating "The file displayed is out of date. It needs to be rebuit in SolidWorks (more...)" though I have tried this several times and after each rebuild, save, and release it does not fix the problem. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here or whats wrong?

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          Neville Williams

          I cannot believe this has not been fixed by now!!!!

          The issue seems to be that if the user saves an assembly and this assembly has parts or sub assemblies that need rebuilding and also saving, solidworks just bypasses the process to save a bitmap preview image.

          The only way, I can see,is for the user to troll through the whole main assembly and open each part/assembly and save every one individually, so all parts/sub assemblies are up to date, then save the main assembly.

          This is all fine, until a change is made on a part, say in a sub assembly, then that part is immediately out of date and again and  those parts/subassemblies (all below the main assembly) loose their preview when main assembly is saved.


          What a screwup!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          This preview, surely, is a fundamental part of the usability of the program (or indeed any windows program).

          When the user is sifting through many slightly similar items with no preview this become a PITA

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              Jim Wilkinson

              This particular problem that Neville refers to has been reported as SPR#618533 and is documented in the SolidWorks Knowledge Base in the customer portal. This problem has been fixed for SolidWorks 2012 SP01, but unfortunately cannot be fixed in any earlier service packs (SolidWorks 2011 SP05 or SolidWorks 2012 SP0) because development on those versions is already complete and the versions are in final testing.


              That is not to say that there could not be some other issue causing bitmaps to not display as there can be issues with setups on certain machines, etc. (as some other threads in the forum have discussed). However, if the problem relates to references files from an assembly or drawing not having their previews shown, it is likely this issue.