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Licence manager does not keep new licence servers...?

Question asked by Matthew Connelly on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by Matthew Connelly

I work remotely, through a company wide network.  I found the local name for the server no longer works but found I could use the direct IP address instead..not a problem on one machine but then...I tried doing the same thing on another machine and the licence manager does not carry the server acress between tabs, so I can't select the "new" server.


I get this error on starting the licence administrator



My Licence server lsit looks like this, with only the locally named server


I add the same server with the IP address successfully (I get an error if I use a different IP address)


But when I go back to the licence usage tab, still only the original named server is listed.



Can anyone help with this problem?


FYI, On this machine it is SW2011 SP4 on a fresh Windows 7 64 bit setup.