Josh Mings (SolidSmack) TwitterChat

Discussion created by 1-3PL95X on Jul 27, 2011
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Hi Everyone,

Based on my informal polling, roughly .01% of you are Twitter users.  For those of you who are, or for those that would like to see a little bit about how it works, Cadalyst magazine is hosting something called a Twitterchat this Thursday with Josh Mings of solidsmack.com.


The subject matter will be "Optimizing SolidWorks" and Josh (among others) will take your 140 character or less questions in real time via Twitter.


Details are here - http://www.cadalyst.com/wwwcadalystcom/twitter-chats - and the TwitterChat will also be archived.  This is the second in a series of TwitterChats - you can see the archive of the first one at the same link.


I'f you sit through the TwitterChat with Josh, please let us know what you thought.