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language issues - some in English, some in Chinese

Question asked by Bonnie Caruthers on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2012 by Bonnie Caruthers

Hi all,


I looked thru past posts but I am not sure that they apply here, but maybe so.


I sometimes get parts, dwgs, from China and the feature manager is all in Chinese.  For the most part it is not a problem because I can scoot thru and highlight and/or see the icon.  However, naming planes can become an issue.


An odd thing is that I just pulled up a part that I sent out (here, in US) that it in a different sub-directory and that fm came up in Chinese.


So, my question is how do I change this?  I read a post by Deepak to go into Options>General and change, but since it is on my machine, and that was installed choosing English, they are grayed out.   Do I just have to live with this - or learn Chinese ?


As you can see, anything I create is in English