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Routing management

Question asked by Duane Roberts on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by Svetlana Antiperovitch

Good day to all,


     I am interested in Routing management, and has there been any discussions on how this works, I am just curious about file location and keeping track of routing assemblies.  I dont use pdm works, and most of our files are on a server in different files locations depending on the product we are talking about to make it more confusing we seperate all electronics.  I would love to use Routing but am no to sure how i would name the wire assemblies, and keep them associated with the assembly they are in Im confused and you may be too by now but if you have some idea of what I am refering too please give me a little insight, I do not work at the most organized facility and on top of that i do take care of all the prints and drafting mostly myself, I do get a little help from electrical though.

ex.  cable assy 5000-0009

      in this assy is red wire 50000 and black wire 00009 lengths may be the same and they go on connectors ABC and XYZ.

Now if i have 20 of these assemblies each pretty much the same only difference would be wire lengths how could i go into createing all these files besides adding - to them or make configurations but it seems configurations arent always a good thing and can get confusing running multiple levels.  I think Im sol on this one.. but thanks to anyone who can even imagine and get a grip on this dilema, for now im trying to do my wire routing in my assemblies or on parts and adding to bom manually/




D. Robertss