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Issue with Full Scene Anti-Aliasing in animations

Question asked by J. Delarosa on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2011 by Ron Bates

Hi everyone,


We are running Solidworks 2011 SP4, on pc's with the following specs

core i7 processors

16GB of memory

Quadro 6000 graphic cards


We are running into the following issue:


We are doing animations for a facility modeled in solidworks. We can enable Full scene anti-aliasing and the model looks great. We set up aour animation and for the rendering engine we select "Solidworks screen".


The problem is that the output video lacks anti-aliasing and the edges look rough.


We have tried using the setting for anti-aliasing only for edges, and it does work but to achieve the required quality we need Full Scene anti- aliasing. We have even tried overriding the anti-aliasing using the nvidia control panel settings. No luck either.


Does someone have any insight as to why the FSAA gets deactivated during the rendering process?. I'm pretty sure the quadro 6000 is pretty capable of handling that.