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Convert Entities in 2010 -- New Problem?

Question asked by Bill Rose on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by Lenny Bucholz

I recently started using 2010 and was as upset as many other users here about the changes to the Convert Entities command. I use hotkeys for my most often used commands, Convert Entities is at or near the top of that list. I figured out how to unpin the dialog but that is only part of the trouble.


When you first use the command it takes 5-6 seconds to become active. BTW, the new Appearance tool can take 15-20 seconds to become available for the first use -- a real step backwards from the old versions. After you finish using the command the first time, the dialog remains and has to be dismissed, then subsequent uses act similarly to the old versions. I wonder why there's a difference?


Now for the worst part -- Every time I finish using Convert Entities, the name of the sketch I'm working in highlights and is ready to be renamed. If I use other hotkeys to Trim or add a Line, those hotkeys don't work because the text in the sketch name is being overwritten by my keyboard input. I can use Convert entities 50 times in a row in one sketch and it happens every time. I now have a number of sketches named "ttt" and "vv". I have to remember to hit ESC before using the keyboard again, a total waste of time. The problem happens whether I click the toolbar icon or use the hotkey to initiate the command.  Does anyone else have this issue with the Convert Entities command?


This costs me lots of time and aggravation each day. I hope there's a solution (actually, the solution would be to make it exactly like it was in 2008)..........Bill