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Is there a way to treat an Assembly as a Part in BOMs?

Question asked by Carlo Mendoza on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2011 by Deepak Gupta

As an example, if I have an assembly with the following:


Gearmotor.sldasm consists of Motor.sldasm and Gearhead.sldprt and Fastener.sldprt. Motor.sldasm consists of Shaft.sldprt, Rotor.sldprt, etc.


I typically like configuring my BOMs to display parts only. This would mean for the Gearmotor.sldasm, my BOM would also list the subparts inside of Motor.sldasm.


Is there a way to prevent the BOM from displaying subparts of assemblies?


I know I can save the assembly as a part, but that can create other complications.