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New Install (new to SW), cannot connect to Vault

Question asked by Paul Hammerstrom on Jul 25, 2011

Hi all,


I am new to solidworks, been using for a couple of months. I am trying to get workgroup PDM working. I have workgroup PDM server installed on one computer on the network. This is a dedicated vault machine. I can connect to the vault on that same machine using a localhost login. When I open solidworks on another machine on the network, I can't connect to the vault. I have done some reading about firewall settings and possible DNS issues. If I go to DOS and ping the vault using it's name I get no reply. If I ping the vault using it's IP address I get a reply. I tried logging in to the server using both the somputer name and the ip address but it still doesn't connect. In SW help it talks about firewall settings and windows xp, but doesn't say anything about Win7 so I haven't gone in an changed any firewall settings.


Both the vault computer and the client computer are running:


windows 7 32 bit

Solidworks 2011 SP4

Solidworks Workgroup PDM SP4