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Unable to install SW 2011.4 on a new Windows 7 (64) PC

Question asked by Michael Gera on Jul 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2011 by Scott McFadden

The PC is running Windows 7 Home Premium edition.  This is my second/home license copy of SW that I am installing so I can work from home on nights and weekends.


I have been having, quite honestly, a nightmare grade install.  I have attached my log for reference. 


Taking a step back, I also noted that no matter what I try, it is impossible for me to install some of the latest "highly recommended / security" Windows 7 (64) updates, in fact I cannot get a complete install of Internet Explorer 9 to carry-out because of the errors (not that I use I.E., I just upgrade it to keep the updater happy).


I get the following error at around the 1% point in the install:


"The executable file.../vcredist_x64.exe...did not install."


This same error happens with at least 5 more files (see attached log)


Code 80070BC9 pops up when I try to do the Windows updates external of the SW DL manager. 


Code 1935 occurs repeatedly during the mid--to-later part of the botched install.


I have spent the last 5 hours trying to work this problems and have done extensive searching.  There are plenty of people talking (outside of this forum) about very similar things happening to them however the replies are all junk.


I really need to get this PC up and running ASAP, a quick read of my log and a little help would be greatly appreciated!