Inactive "publish" button in SW

Discussion created by Guest on Mar 15, 2006
Other than error conditions, the only reasons the Publish button is greyed out is if the active document is opened in view-only mode or some other command is active (in which case all other buttons and menus should be grey also).

If neither of these are true, it seems like an installation problem (sorry). On the bright side, the "Publish eDrawings" menu item and toolbar are installed with eDrawings (not SolidWorks), so you only need to try and resintall eDrawings 2006.

Here are some things to check also :
What service packs of SolidWorks and eDrawings are installed ?
Is the menu item "File->Publish eDrawings 2006 File" also greyed out ?
For Parts/Assemblies, is the Animate button (next to Publish) also greyed out ?