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Pack and Go Still Creates Out-of-Context Parts

Question asked by Aaron Forbes on Jul 21, 2011

I thought I had the "out-of-context" problems figured out, until today. Same procedure I do to any other top-down assembly design that I need copied so I can make modifications:


Open the assembly in SW, Use Pack & Go, Rename all EF1624A-xxxxx TO EF1624B-xxxxx (EF1624A being the main assembly & -xxxxx being sub-assembly and part level), and save under a new directory. When I check out the "List References" every part shows the correct reference part, EF1624B-xxxxx, and correct directory, but the actual model in SW still wants to reference EF1624A-xxxxx. It does not make sense why or how this is happening.


I'll probably end up fixing these out-of-context parts manually, clicking here and there wasting an hour, while I wait for an explanation. I don't understand why SW doesn't have an effective way to change references by text instead of doing so manually. I know the "List References" is a way, but from what I'm experiencing, its not always correct. I think I've tried every common sense and complex way to Pack and Go without referencing the old assembly. I guess I'm gonna try to rename the components back to the old name, but then I'll have to answer the "Solidworks cannot find EF1624B-xxxxx, would you like to find it" 100 times.


Does anyone have an idea what is happening here?




EDIT: Well I don't know what quite happened, but everything is in context. I renamed all components to "..A-xxx" but everything was STILL out of context. List External References showed Owner & Reference entities as "..A-xxx". I thought maybe it could be trying to reference an old directory or something. Frustrated... I gave up and renamed it back to "..B-xxx" with Pack and Go ready to recreate the external constraints. What do you know everything went back into context! I don't get it. Could there be a bug? I'm pretty consistant and neat with my designs, and probably Pack and Go'ed a 100 assemblies, but this one was different. I saved the old assembly just so I can duplicate the problem. But I need to get back to work here, no more time wasting on this right now.