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    How to manually insert choosen dimensions in a drawing view?

    Christophe Fey-Hoareau



      I'd like to know how to insert a dimension in a drawing view.

      More precisely, in drawing sheet I create some views depending on annotation views defined in a part document. The main problem is that dimensions and annotations defined on those annotation views aren't added to my drawing views. I know how to get views and dimensions of an annotation views but I didn't find how to add them to the corresponding drawing view.


      I added some dimensions and notes to my drawing views using the DrawingDoc::InsertModelAnnotations3 method. The problem is that inserted dimensions are not those defined in the annotation view (in the part document). I tried selecting the annotation view in the part document and then using the swImportModelItemsSource_e.swImportModelItemsFromSelectedFeature option but in this case no dimensions at all are inserted in my drawing view. So the idea is to manually insert dimensions in my drawing views. The IView interface allows to enumerate all dimensions, annotations, ... from a view, but no method is provided to add a dimension. I also looked in IDrawingDoc, IModelDoc and IModelDocExtension interfaces, but no method seems to allow that.


      So, is there a more experimented developper that know how to do that?


      Thanks for your answers.