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flattening assemblies

Question asked by Azman Tauhid on Jul 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2011 by Kevin Goosie

I need to simplify large and complex assemblies in order to run it through FEA e.g. simulation package. The way I've done this working in NX environment, is to save it in X_T format, which would remove all the unnessary features like dimensions, sketches and flatten the assembly of the model into just 1 level, then open it up back in NX.


For instance, I need to close up the gaps for fabrication models, remove some holes or fillet, then I would go straight to the particular component to do that. I don't have to bother saving it to a different filename, or all the higher assemblies just to do that.


Another reason to simplify the models, when dealing in very large assemblies for layout or other purposes would slow down our machine and trying to open it up using e.g. laptop is almost impossible with simplifying it first.


I did a search how this can be done on solidworks, but i can't find any answer hence I'm posting this question.


Any help appreciated.