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Installing PDMworks on server

Question asked by Timothy Cade on Jul 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2011 by Chris Kamery

First a little background. We are currently running SW2008 and are upgrading to SW2011. In the 2008 version we had PDMworks as a separate item and installed it on a server that gave us indivdual license holders for SW2008 to have access to it. Since then PDM has bcome a part of Solidworks and we are trying to figure out how we load a server version of PDM combined with our individual licenses for SW. Since PDM is now part of SW is there a way to install a server version or do we also have to purchase something else to install server? The administrator for our current version of PDM has the license in her name but we do not want to install the server on her local computer.