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Can't Get a Mitered Corner on This Part

Question asked by K. Hampton on Jul 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2011 by K. Hampton

Please take a look at the two parts I have zipped and attached.  Test 1 is what I want the part to look like but I had to do several features to get it to look right and I still have an error in one of the edge flanges.  Test 2 is the part with no edge flanges.  I want to add three 20mm edge flanges to the part.  I tried to do it in one feature but the long edge flange needs to be angled down 10 degrees to match the plane as the other two edge flanges.  I also tried to do a miter flange and that would not work.  I also tried to do them in one edge flange feature and edit the sketch profile of the long flange and angle it down 10 degrees but that would not work either.  As I said I finally got it to work (test 1) by added chamfers and unfolding and making some cuts but there is still an error in one edge flange and I think that there should be an easier way to do this.  Let me know what you guys think...thanks.