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Solution: "The Installation Manager encountered an error while creating this registry key" (error code 1402)

Discussion created by Mark Stapleton on Jul 18, 2011

Recently I posted a problem I encountered which originally I thought was caused by a regresssion in SP04 of SW2011, but which was probably caused by an installation error stemming from an error code 1402 (Registry corruption).  I found a solution for MY problem and I thought to share it here.  The Installation Manager error I was encountering probably first reared its head while installing SolidWorks 2009, or possibly in deinstalling it while installing SW2011 on top of it.  The problem first manifests itself thusly:

Error Code 1402.JPG

This seems to have been caused by a Permissions problem with one or more specific keys in the Registry (resulting from Registry corruption).  After finding the problem key identified in the Installation Manager error above (using Regedit) I could not delete it and I could not change Permissions manually (Windows Vista).  I found a solution to resetting the Permissions globally for the Registry on another Web site.  There is an obscure but very powerful Windows utility named secedit with the / configure switch, which can do this (and more, if you're not careful).  AS AN ADMINISTRATOR and from the Run command line:


secedit /configure /cfg C:\Windows\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /areas REGKEYS


This resets the Permissions for only the Registry (this is what the last argument "REGKEYS" effects).  Note this is a potentially dangerous fix and should only be attempted when all else has failed.  And your mileage may vary.


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