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SolidWorks Pranks or: How I Taught My Boss About Customization

Discussion created by Derek Meyers on Jul 18, 2011
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Decided to pickup lunch today and bring it back to the office so I could work on a few things.  While walking back, I notice my manager was just leaving.  Prankster opportunity!  Which got me thinking of all the excellent SolidWorks pranks there are, and how many of them can actually be useful to teach people a lesson or two about how the interface and options (system and document) work, not to mention why they should never leave their computer unattended and unlocked.  So, I've decided to start a list here.


In no particular order (name, description, location):


  • Color Blind: Swap some of the default sketch line colors.  A personal favorite is to change fully defined lines from black to baby diaper green (dangling).  System Options/Colors/Color scheme settings/Skech, Fully Defined
  • Switch to Decaf:  Set the view transition to the slowest setting.  Especially good prank on people who use keyboard shortcuts for views frequently.  System Options/View/Transitions/View transition
  • Keyboard Crusher:  Randomly (and that's the key word) remove commonly used keyboard shortcuts.  Swtiching them works too, but people are much more likely to assume their keyboard is broken if a combination of keys (like CTRL+1) doesn't work anymore.  Tools/Customize/Keyboard
  • The Scrambler: Rearrange the toolbar icons.  This is probably my favorite, because it takes time and dedication.  Start on Features toolbar, and move the location of one or two features.  I usually start with something that isn't used often, like Wrap and Dome.  Move one of them to where a slightly more commonly used feature is.  The goal being how many icons can you move before the person ends up actually noticing, and/or calls tech support.


That should be enough for now.  I'll post more as I think about 'em.  So, who else has a good one they'd like to share?  Let's hear it!