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Wierd problems with 2011 x64

Question asked by Ramd Amnt on Jul 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by Ramd Amnt

I was using my computer the other day and a small solidworks GUI kept popping up and disappearing every few minutes. So when I tried actually loading up the program it kept freezing at the splash screen. I tried repairing and that did not work then I tried reinstalling and even doing a total uninstall. My problem is, the program pops up a message saying


The installation manager was unable to determine your current subscription expiration date.


Then it asks if I want to reactivate my subsscription but I cannot select solidworks because it is greyed out. Is the Total uninstall leaving licensing information on my computer?  If so how do I remove the information/what is the fix for this? Would windows updates cause any problems with this?