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    DISPATCH HELP    !!!!!

    Ravi Teja

      Hi All,

                  I have Requiremnt that i need to copy a file from a folder using Dispatch,but heres the catch,I have about 20 files in the folder from which i need to copy one file.and in dispatch i want to give user a list of all these files. so whichever he ticks will be copied.


      I can have list in dispatch

      I can generate a list of file in a/THE Folder (From where the file need to be copied) using T-SQL.



      But can i get this list (SQL CARD List) to show up in Dispatch List.





      Ravi T

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          Andries Koorzen

          Hi Ravi.


          [Just my opinion : I think you're over complication the situation. ]


          Suggestion: Add the copy functionality as menu item (using dispatch). User then selects the files to be copied, right click, select dispatch option and it is copied. This has the same result as a tick list


          Is there any reason the users don't just copy the files by themselves?

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              Tim Webb

              Andries, I can see a reason why Ravi might need something like this.


              I have done what you recommended in our vault as a stop-gap fix to allow Production to manually but semi-automated copy production drawings to an intranet server for company wide access.


              This was done mostly as a cleanup effort because there was really no way to automate this process without an API and we don't have the time to make the API.


              It's a "good enough" solution.



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              Shawn Kelly

              i did something like this and like you at the time I wasn't prepared to use the API, however now an addin is the best way to go.


              I attached a dispatch example using a generate parameter file.  It also contains a .HTA file that is used for some level of automation to generate a list box for multiple selection.  The caveat here is that because you don't know what the user will select to get copied outside the vault you have to get the file in the dispatch script before the file system object can do a filecopy...


              Basically, this is how the example works.

              1. Deletes a txt file generated on the clients pc.
              2. Get's the params.txt file.
              3. loops through all the documents.
              • if you have one or more documents selected they will be added to the list.
              • if you select a folder it will generate a list of all files in the folder and subfolders.
              1. Executes the hta which opens the txt file and creates
              2. list in HTML forms.
              3. After the user selects which files to select and clicks the button the form closes and the export text file is deleted.


              There are some literals in the dispatch script and the hta that would need to be tweaked to work for others. HTA edits can be done in notepad if you don't have the tools.


              1. The dispact script uses some literals currently. C:\exportfile.txt
              2. %RootFolderPath%\Params.txt
              3. %RootFolderPath%\CopyfilesExternal.hta
              4. HTA update - Serverloc = "C:\Data\Test\" (This needs to change to where the files would be copied)
              5. HTA update - txtfile = "c:\ExportFile.txt" (If you decide to change the file name or location where the paramter file is generated)

              copy to server.jpghta pic.jpg