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import cylinders and spheres into SolidWorks for surface area calculation

Question asked by Feng Xiao on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2011 by Neil Larsen

First of all, I am a beginner, I just got a copy of SolidWorks from school and am trying to figure it out. I am not sure if I am posting my quesion in the right place...


I am working on fibrous media flow, and need to calculate the surface area of fibers, which consists of intersecting cylinders and spheres, as shown in the attached pic(black mesh highlights spheres), I construct this in matlab. The data structure is simple, just all nodes coordinates and their linkages (edges), as shown also in the pic right hand side.


My question is, can I import the data file somehow into SolidWorks and get the surface area?


This problem could be simplified into, 1. identify intersection of objects (cylinders and spheres), 2. contruct mesh, 3. caculate surface area


fibers surf-Q.png