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In-context Part of Sub-Assembly Not Updating in Top Level Assembly

Question asked by David Suelflow on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by James Hutchins

I have a sub-assembly that has a couple of moving parts whose position is determined by configurations.  Connecting these parts are rods and turnbuckles that in real life would be doing the moving.  I created these in-context to the moving parts so their lengths are correct in each configuration.  This works fine in the sub-assembly and the lengths and angles change as I change configurations.  The problem comes when I insert this into a higher level assembly.  The higher assembly has configurations that determine the location and configuration of the sub-assembly.  As I switch between the top level configurations the sub-assemblies move to the right place and take the correct configuration but the in-context parts (rods & turnbuckles) don’t update and are hanging out in space.  These really need to live in the sub-assembly because there would be hundreds of them if I were to have them at the top level.