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Is there a smooth way to do this as a sheet metal part?

Question asked by Josef Snabb on Jul 15, 2011
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Maybe this is an easy one but I´ve pretty new to sheet metal. I´m going to make a metal plate which is supposed to be completely roll bended, and I want to be able to flatten the part. How would you do?


In this case there is off course three parameters, the radius, length of arc and the angle.
I wonder, is there a way to make a sheet metal part and only defining two of the parameters and let the third be the resulting parameter, automatically?
(Length of arc for example) Now I have to calculate the third, when trying different dimensions on the other ones.  


Or could I do it the other way, making the part as a profile which I extrude and then make it into a sheet metal part afterwords?


Attaching an example below. (Made with the Scetched Bend-feature)


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