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    Error while saving

    Ron Betser

      Anyone else saving to a network get this error? The network is not down and after trying to save several times it will save. This happens randomly maybe a couple times a week.



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          Scott McFadden

          Possible you are having a network trafficing issue?

          Anyone else in your dept seeing this?

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            Selvam S



            Open the System Event Log, EventLogSystem.evt from SolidWorks Rx, and check for the following error:

            Event Type: Warning
            Event Source: MRxSmb
            Event ID: 50

            If the following error is shown, then this problem occurs when the program writes to a volume mount point that is located on a storage area network (SAN) that is connected by using a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) connection.

            Browse to the Microsoft website to download a hot fix for this issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/890352

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                Ron Betser

                How go I open the system event log? I opened SW Rx and the files and logs tab is grayed out and un-pickable.

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                    Selvam S



                    Event log files


                    1. Right-click on "My computer" and select "Manage" (On Windows Server 2008 use: <Start><All Programs><Administrative Tools><Computer Management>)

                    2. Select System Tools > Events >Application events (Windows XP)

                    2. Select System Tools>Event Viewer>Windows Logs>Application (Windows Vista or Windows 7)

                    3. Right-click > Save log file as

                    4. Save the file with a name such as ApplicationEvents.EVT.  Use the EVT (evtx format for Vista and Windows 7) format as this is more useful than the TXT format.

                    5. Repeat the process for the System events log and use a name such as SystemEvents.evt


                    System Information file


                    1. Run the command MSINFO32, or go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > and select System Information

                    2. Select <Action> Save as System information file.  Call the file SystemInfo.nfo