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RealView in Drawings???

Question asked by Danny Sillett on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by Jeff Capek

Hey all, I just noticed a change in SW that I'm not thrilled about.  I used to be able to apply textures to my parts with RealView turned on and have them show up very similarly in my drawing views.  I could create .PDF files and send my customers drawings with shading that looked more realistic than if RealView was turned off.


I just went to create another drawing, and all of the sudden, no matter whether or not I have RealView turned on, the shading on the drawing views show up as if RealView is turned off.


I even tried opening drawings where I was previously successful with this, and now they no longer display correctly either.  (

See attached for a file I created in the past without issue.)


I spoke with tech support as I was having trouble getting a polished gold texture to come up in my drawing view with RealView on in my model, and he told me ReralView isnt supported in drawings at this point.  I found this puzzling as I've been able to make my drawing views reflect what my model looks like in it's current state in the past.


Any ideas what's going on here?


I don't work with assemblies, so I have no need for Large Assembly mode or anything like that.  I design plastic bottles, and at most I'll have about 5 or 6 components in one model file.  The additional components outside of the bottle itself are usually only just to display a completed package, so I just draw them in the same model rather than going through all the separate file creation and mating relations.


My machine is an HP Z800 workstation, with an nVidia Quadro 4000 Card running 2 Samsung BX2450 24" displays, 12 gigs of RAM, running Win 7 & SolidWorks 64-bit editions.


Let me know what you think!  I need to update a concept design for a customer that has been used to seeing their concept with nice shading.  Now their drawing is going to take a step back and I'm going to ahve to explain myself which I'd like to prevent.


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