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    Flow simulation question

    Adam Fain

      Dumb question, but when you "add-in" flow simulation and create a project using the wizard, then save it, where is it being saved to?  Every subsequent time I open an assembly file and add-in flow simulation it recognizes the previous project, but where is it referencing this information?  I guess I don't know how add-ins work exactly.

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          Igor Isayev

          When CFD project is being created & saved, Flow Simulation tool generated an associated sub-folder at the same directory where the assembly file is located, and named it as "1”. This sub-folder stores all BC & result data for each corresponding CFD study . If you have more then one CFD study (means more configurations), you should get the same amount of sub-folders named sequent as 2,3,4... So, each CFD project will generate only one sub-folder for each config in the same directory

          Whenever you want to open CFD project to review BC or find the result file for a specific CFD project (configuration) , you will find only single sub-folder linked to it . 

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              Rich Bayless



              The temporary files and results files are stored in the sub-folders, such as '1', '2', etc.


              The project settings created by the wizard are organized into configurations.  All of the configurations are stored in the solidworks part file.  In other words, if you create a single part, 'Part.SLDPRT', and create a new flow sim configuration inside that part, the settings are stored in the file 'Part.SLDPRT'.  You can email or attach your part file and then anyone can open that part and run the exact flow sim settings that you did.  (Assuming they have the proper version of flow sim.)


              Search the forum for previous examples of models, and you'll see what I mean.