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    Cutting Plane Lines

    Kevin Elliott

      Is there a way to add a breaks in a section line so that it does not intersect with other lines and blocks (i.e. center marks, centerlines, etc.)?

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          Andries Koorzen

          Hi Kevin.


          Unfortunately there is no standard functionality for this. You 'll have to use a workaround.


          Create the section, move the section label to another layer, hide it, redraw a dummy section line and format to suit.


          Alternatively, add breaks to your dimension lines instead of to the section lines, or modify your drafting standard to suit your needs.



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            Scott McFadden


            You can change the line type of the section line here.



            and depending on the line style it might give you the appearance you are looking for.

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              Matthew Lorono

              Kevin, just curious:  Is this a company requirement that is driving this inquiry, some standard, or is it a personal preference? (Also, just to make cross-referencing this post easier, I'll add that the lines that make up the cutting plane for a Section View are actually called Cutting Plane Lines in ASME; Section Lines are the hatches on the Section View itself)

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                  Kevin Elliott

                  Matt, Good call: I couldn't remember which of the two to call it. But it is somewhat of a mix between a personal preference and a company standard. I have a standard centerline block that i have to use and it has handles to snap centerlines to it when relating hole patterns together. I just wanted to expand on it to have the cutting plane line snap to the handles and not overlap the centermark block.