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    multiple surfaces 3d sketch

    Peter Fortin

      Let me first say, that even though I've been using Solidworks for 8 years (has it been that long) I don't have much experience with surfacing.


      See picture - how do I make 6 surfaces from this 3d sketch? I'm not looking for work arounds that only work for a cube, because ultimately I want to do a more complex shape.


      I drew a 3d sketch of a cube.... can you make multiple surfaces for each face of the cube? For that matter, how to make the first surface?


      I thought I could use a filled surface, but it grabs the whole 3d sketch instead of just the edges. A filled surface works on a 2d sketch, but not a 3d?




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          Scott McFadden


          I would start by using this command in the sketch toolbar

          and specify 6 sides.



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            Jim Mooney

            Try extrude a surface (Insert, Surface, Extrude), this does not cap the ends and gives four surfaces.

            to cap ends use Planar surface ((Insert, Surface , planar),then trim it if necessary with surface trim (Insert, Surface, trim),

            Hope this gets you started...

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              Charles Culp



              Filled Surface is probably the correct tool. Planar surface can work if it is always planar, but you mentioned more complex shapes.


              In this instance, if you just left select an unused sketch, it will try and select the entire thing, like you have seen. If, however, you right click, one of the options will be "Start Contour Selection". This will enable you to select just one section at a time for each filled surface.


              I prefer just to make additional sketches, it looks more clean to me. This is just a personal preference. I will create a new 3D sketch, and then use convert entities to just bring in the elements that will be used in that one profile.

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                  Peter Fortin

                  Charles that was exactly what I needed. I looked thru the menu options many times, and it didn't occur to me to right click to find that option to do contour selection.


                  I think I agree on building it up one step at a time (in general). But once I couldn't figure it out, I just had to know.



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                  Ryan Brumund

                  For the cube sketch you gave as an example, I wouldn't start with a 3d sketch.  I would extrude a rectangular surface up off of the top plane, extrude a top and bottom off of the front/side plane, then knit the pieces together.  Now you could also do that with a single solid extrude.


                  Correction: See Charles' info on the Filled Surface.  If the entire sketch is a closed loop you can just select the sketch.


                  Attached is a SW 2010 model in which I took a 6 sided shape (not quite a cube, so I couldn't just extrude), started with a 3d sketch, then used that sketch to create the six sides through the various surfacing tools and additional sketches. Not the best way to go about making the shape (with only two sketches you can loft the shape), but it demonstrates some of the tools.


                  I would suggest working through the SW tutorial on surfacing as it goes through most of the commands.