Jerry Sharber

Saving an Assembly as Vector Line Art

Discussion created by Jerry Sharber on Jul 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2011 by Jeremiah Feist

Our graphics department requires vector line art for packaging and instruction manuals.  This is an easy thing to do by saving the part as a DWG file and opening in Illustrator.  However assemblies will not save to a DWG file and to overcome this:


1.  Save assembly as an IGES file.


2.  Open IGES file in SW and save as a SW part.


3.  Open SW part file and save as an DWG file.  Note:  When the assembled part is open and before saving as a DWG, you may add perspective or camera view.  These view(s) are saved when the assembled part is saved as a DWG. 


4.  Open DWG file in Illustrator and edit (remove) tangent lines as needed.