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GibbsCam Add-In Slowed Way Down in 2011

Question asked by Monte Unruh on Jul 14, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2011 by Monte Unruh

We recently upgraded from SW2009 to SW2011.  We do our modeling in SW and program our machine tools with GibbsCam.  I use the GibbsCam Addin a lot.  I work with the model and then seamlessly transfer it into Gibbscam.  Since upgrading this has been very slow, up to the point of locking up the computer a couple of times.  If I save the SW file and try opening it directly from Gibbs it opens instantly, but this is an extra step for me.  Is anyone using the GibbsCam Addin and are you having trouble with it too?  Our VAR says it is Gibbs's problem.  Gibbs tells me it is my computer.  My IT people tell me it is a SolidWorks problem.  Thank you.