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How to create my first Top-Down Assy?

Question asked by Bill Bray on Jul 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2011 by Greg Hynd

Hello to all,


I'm an advanced tool / fixture designer with over 30 years experience in the precision CNC machining industry. Yes, I go back to the days where we did everything with a drafting pencil, but I have 20 years with Acad 2D.


I'm in a new position with a new company and they use Solidworks 2011.


My frustration at this point is that I already have the complex fixture I need to design in my head, but can't get it on paper due to my learning curve of this software. I've completed all of the tutorials in the help section of the software too. Here's where I'm at:


In Solidworks:

1) I created a new assy.

2) Inserted a component (which is the casting to be machined)

3) Inserted other component (which are clamps, etc. that I downloaded from their websites)

4) I have learned to move & rotate them all.



1) I can move a component, but I can't seem to locate them exactly where I want them. I can do it by eye, but I want to position them relative to another component.

2) I want to draw new fixture components around the imported components (Casting, Clamps, etc.) and am stuck.


If someone is willing to spend some time with me I would greatly appreciate it.


Other than the Solidworks tutorials, are there any other free tutorials out there that may address this. I'm looking for step, by step help in this.


Thank you