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Workgroup won't recognize Standard Library

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Jul 13, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2013 by Christian Chu

I am using SW2011 SP3.


Our Workgroup vault has lost its ability to "see" our standard library folders. Our networking and SW installation architecture have not changed in several years so having a bit of a time trying to isolate why this has arrisen.


Here is some background:


Our Workgroup PDM vault is on Server02 (and has been since time began) and is run under WinServer2003.

Our Library folders are in a share area on Server12 (and have been Since about SW2008 release) and is run under WinServer2003.


Our SW settings / File Locations / Design Library is mapped to the shared library area and those libraries show up in the Design Library tab in SW just as they always have.

Our Vault view in the bottom half of the File Explorer tab in SW shows a project folder (in BLUE instead of BLACK) named Library Components with subfolders named Standard Library References-4, Standard Library References-5, Toolbox References (names generated by PDM).

Within the VaultAdmin tool, Standard Libraries tab, the "Additional Toolbox and Standard Library root level folders" area is BLANK. This has always held the paths to our four main library folders. Not sure why they are gone, where they went, or when they dissappeared.


If I try to add the paths back in, I can browse and navigate to the library folders on Server12 but the following message pops up when I click OK:


SolidWorks Workgroup PDM - Warning

The vault computer is unable to see this folder. Share

this directory with the vault computer to enable the eDrawings

preview and open document commands for references

that are not checked into the vault.


If I click OK, the path is added to the list box, but when I click apply, a second error message appears:


SolidWorks Workgroup PDM - Warning


There is already another project using that description.

Please enter a different description for this project.

ERROR: Failed to create a new project.


So the vault can't "see" the library folder, but it recognizes that the folder information still exists in the vault structure.


Talked with my IT guy. He is unaware of anything that would have modified any permissions.



Here is what made me take notice of this in the first place:


I had an assembly that I made and first checked into the vault in March. The assembly is simple with a few parts, a few standard library parts, a few toolbox fasteners. At the time of creation, at least one of the standard library parts was new. I created it to represent an electro-magnet from McMaster (created, not download). At the time of check-in to the vault, all went as it should and the electro-magnet was recognized as a library item, grayed out, shown with the "stack of books" library icon, and its revision shown as "not revision managed". After check in the library part showed up in the vault in the Library References area with the shortcut icon nested under the assembly. All just as it should be.


Since that time the assembly has been a few times with minor changes and moved to a different folder in the vault.


Recently it was noticed that the electro-magnet library part was the incorrect item for the design intent. The correct item operates at a different voltage, but physically and Model wise is identical. To resolve, I opened the library part and performed a Save-As-Copy. The new part received a file name consisting of its part number. I opened the new part and modified the custom properties so the part number and description were correct. Then I performed a Replace Component opperation on the assembly to swap in the new library part. Finally I checked in the updated assembly.


In the check-in dialog, the new library part was shown as a part icon instead of a library part as well as having it's revision set to "-". Without giving it much thought I proceeded with the check-in thinking perhaps the vault needed to get the new library item checked in the first time and would recognize the library status in the process. Nope, the library item when into the vault as a part.


Next I assumed that my Save-As-Copy process did not carry the library status to the new part. So I opened the new library part, RMCed the feature tree top item and selected "Add to Library". I gave the resulting file a slightly modified name from the open file. Next I performed the replace component procedure again on the assembly and swapped in the newest version of the library file. Vault check-in still showed the file as a part with revision.


As a test, I replaced the component one more time in the assembly with the original library part. Vault check-in this time showed the item as a library part. Is this because it alread exists in the vault library references, or is there a library part flag in the file itself? Aren't library parts supposed to have the "L" superimposed on the icon in the feature tree fo the assembly? Or is that just features in a part?


This led me to look at the vault admin which showed the standard libraries tab blank as described above.


The SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Service properties are set to run as a Local System account (which is how it has always been I believe - whatever the installation defaults to we have left alone and it has always worked). The vault revalidates without error if I stop and restart the service.


Any suggestions on where to look are appreciated. Keep in mind that setup has been running since SW2005. The best estimate is that nothing has changed in our network permissions. We also have NOT checked-in any assemblies with NEW library items in a while - perhaps since the initial check-in of this assembly in March. So the root cause may have been floating around for a while and is just now noticed with this NEW library part.


Thanks, Daen