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Property Tab Performance

Question asked by Jason Corl on Jul 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2011 by Jason Corl

I've recenly noticed a huge lag when switching back and forth between open files, and even extended load times of SW files. I've noticed when this happens that the property tab pane is active (expanded or collapsed doesn't make a difference). When I instead change to my WPDM valut view or other tab, the performance improves drastically.


During this slow down I opened Process Explorer (a MS Sysinternals tool) and noticed 30 instances of an EXCEL process running under a SWVBASERVER.EXE process. I noticed that every time I opened a new SW file I accumulated more instances of EXCEL. I have use a single excel document and multiple sheets with defined ranges to populate drop down lists in the property tabs. Its my guess that using the excel option for this is causing the huge load on my system.


My quesion is, has anyone else experienced this same scenario and if so, did using a database solve the issue? Or, what is the most efficient option? I assum storing the values in a list withint the PT builder would be the best but not necessarily the most flexible. Anyone with experience changing the data source, and what that will do to my existing files and the property values?


Thanks for your input.