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Robin needs help page [Animation, Labview, Solidworks, 3d contact]

Question asked by Robin Suonvieri on Jul 13, 2011
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I don't want to fill this forum with my questions so i decided to start a new discussionthread where I post all of the problems I run in to!  I'm currently working on a project where we want to connect NI labview and solidworks to control the model using programs created in labview. We want to animate and control a automated forklifts way round a workshop. The thing labview controls are the motors so we have to use 3d contact and gravity to establish a lifting motion.



I'm relativly new to solidworks. I have completed two courses at university level but i don't have any experience in animation and simulation. So your help would be very useful!






Problem 1:



I have a wierd problem when I use the 3d contact. The part that I'm trying to pick up gets "penetrated" by the forklift. It seems like the part want to be horizontal. I have tried to increase the accuracy and 3d contact from low to high in the settings but I don't notice any changes.



You can see the problem in the video below.