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Light (fixture) from inside of model?

Question asked by Brian Mears on Jul 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by Jamaica Braden

We're a lighting manufacturer. I'm looking to use PhotoView 360 to create some renderings to use in our advertising materials. I want to give the appearance of the model (fixture) being lit from the inside. To illustrate, see the attached file "box light.jpg." I've also attached a file "box light.sldprt" which is my modeled approximation of the light fixture in the jpg.


I'm able to muddle around in PhotoView 360 and get somewhat close to this with materials and backgrounds but haven't been able to figure out how (if possible) to make it appear to light from the inside. I tried a point light source inside the model, and a body to which I attached luminous material--just can't seem to get it to work.


I imagine that this would be fairly easy for somebody with PhotoView experience; if it is, I was wondering if somebody could use my model to set this up to produce a similar rendering. I could then use that as reference to 'reverse engineer' what you did to get there and try to recreate it on my own.


Hope somebody can help... thanks in advance and I'll promptly answer any questions you may have.