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    Large displacment

      H Jamie, there is only one solver but with different levels of access. The LD option in a Static study uses the same LD solver as a Nonlinear study. The only difference is that the Nonlinear solution gives you the response curve from min to max whereas the Static study only gives you the final, max, response.
      You should expect to see the same results. For more on this, check out the COSMOS Companion Unit #110 notes on Geometric Nonlinearity

        • Large displacment
          Quick question about large displacments calculation in linear vs non-linear. When using a large displacment calculation on linear model with linear material and boundry conditions, can you expect the same results from the non-linear solver? Will they both calculate the same stiffness and displacments? I'm not having any issues with this, I'm just currious about the diffirent ways that two solvers work so that I might make better judgments on which to use in the future.