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    simulation study

    jay Nachiappan

      i want to find that,maximum load can carry by this structure


      this structure constraced with "C" channel on top 15 plate,


      in simulation study where should apply load?

      on  node of the joint 


      over the 15 mm plate

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          Joe Galliera

          42*(2821.42857) or  118,500 lbf.


          You didn't give any boundary conditions or direction, but this is what I did: beam and solid model, applied the load on the top rectangular split area, fixed all the bottom of the structure.  Load applied was 100 lbf, obtained max stress which was about 27 psi, divided that into the yield strength and mulitplied by 100 to give me the max load that this structure can carry before it yields at 32000 psi.  This was done as a staic analysis, but one should also run a buckling analysis on this since the structure is under compression but it does look a bit stout so my guess is that it wouldn't buckle first.