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    Solidworks Error after Meshing, Plz HELP (URgent)

    Wei Ming Tan



      Im hving this SOlidworks Error after every meshing (no matter is coarse or fine mesh), My lappy will be freezing a while then the following error was poping out.




      Im running on Asus DUO T5450, 2GB RAM, ATI graphic card. I doubt that is it my lappy problem ?

      Before this any complicated part can be meshed sucessfully and untill recently after a failed meshing on a contact part , this error keep on poping out after every meshing process.


      Plz help !!


      Wei Ming frm Liverpool

        • Re: Solidworks Error after Meshing, Plz HELP (URgent)
          Masayuki Honchi



          I also sometimes meet such phenomenon. Actually, I don't know why it happens. What am I doing when I meet this type of problem are.

          - Use another machine. In my experience, though 32 bit machine cause such problem, 64 bit machine with more memory runs without crash. Reduce memory usage by another applications as less as possible.


          - Change Result folder path in property of study. I had an experience that folder path change resolved a problem.

          - Delete all temporary files including CWR file. It seems that sometimes existing temporary files cause problems.


          The above ideas aren't based on any technical background because this type of unstability is very hard to find out root cause by user.