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    Sheet/Format Scale

    Joel Nelson

      Please forgive my ignorance and for repeating questions that have been asked before (I have spent last hour reading previous post in the forum)....


      I am setting up a Drawing Template and Sheet Formats for the first time.  After two days (yes two days) I thought I finally figured it all out.

      As side note, this has been the most difficult time I have had with SolidWorks. PRO/Engineer drawing templates and Formats as SO MUCH EASIER to create and manage. SolidWorks should take a look at how it is done.


      Just as I thought I was done, something strange is happening.


      After setting the scale in my format to be PRP: Sheet Scale....when I create a new drawing using my template, I place a view on the sheet.

      Then using the RMB Properties, I change the Sheet Scale to something other than 1:1 (for example I set it to 4:1).


      The view(s) change, the sheet format changes (title block). This is expected.


      However, as soon as use Fit drawing to screen, I notice that the format is no longer centered on the screen.


      See picture....WTF?

      Anyone know what I am doing wrong? What setting/option I may have changed to make this happen?



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          Wayne Matus

          Notice that the note that was in upper left corner of the drawing is now off the drawing. Without seeing your file, it is had to say what is causing it.

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              Joel Nelson

              Duhhh...that was it.


              Strange behavior. Not what I expected to happen.

              That text was part of the drawing template, which I would not expect it to matter what the sheet scale is, especially since the sheet scale is changing view scales (not the sheet format scale/size).


              Anyway, once I change that text to be in my sheet format, the behavior is more what I expect.