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    Ship Stack Exhaust Plume

    Korey Gross

      Any advice on how to set up an analysis to see how a ship's diesel exhaust plume behaves?  The model has the main deck of a ship and the stacks.  I was thinking I'd put an inlet volume flow with mixed concentrations coming out of the stacks.  I'm really interested in seeing how it mixes with the air and falls to the deck further aft on the ship.


      Thanks in advance

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          Bill McEachern

          If it were me I would come up with a strategy to avoid the exhaust hitting the deck and then model the gas flow with whatever properteis you want (air renamed as products of combustion or some more refined approximation - so it is a different species) and at the end I would do a particle study to see if any of the particulate goes where you don't want. Obvioulsy you will want gravity on to caputre the bouyancy effects. If just assessing skip step one. You would need some approximation of the whole ship (say domain recommended by flow for an external flow about the ship at min speed of interest, adjusted to water line)  in my humble opinion but less might work but it wouldn't be my first choice.