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    Electrical routing tutorial

    Nilton Junior

      Good morning everyone, I'm opening this discussion because I'm having troubles while going through the "SolidWorks Electrical Route Tutorial", inserted in the SolidWorks software.

      I go through each and every step carefully but when I get to the part below I get an error, also listed below.

      Here is the exact part of the tutorial where the error occurs:




      And here is the error, reffering to the 5th, 6th and 7th steps:




      I noticed that both the "Part Number" field in the Property Mananger are in red, indicating an error and I've come to the conclusion that it has something to do with the Excel file that the tutorial asks me to select as a "from-to-list file". I tried to make changes to this Excel file in accordance to the "Part number" field but it doesn't work either.


      I'm goint to attach the Excel file mentioned so you guys can check it out, and I hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advace.

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          Chris W

          Right, this poor chap has been ignored since July nearly 3 years ago!


          I find quite shocking that NOBODY has even bothered to reply to him. He's a bloke whose trying to improve himself, asked very politely, provided enough information to go on and not a single sole has even bothered to point him even in the right direction!


          Now come on solidworks folks, thats not on!


          I have just got this error myself and have managed to crack it after about 2 hours of searching. There's very little on this problem, which is confusing (kind of means that either people know how to fix it, or noby else is doing the tutorial).


          https://forum.solidworks.com/message/207875#207875 - if you look at this file attached to the response in this topic, you'll find that his format differs from the format of the supplied file for the tutorial. I managed to save a copy of the tofrom file and change the columns round so it looked more like his, and managed to get it working, with 1 error that was allowed to pass (complaining about wire colour column).


          A bit belated Nilton, but I hope this helps - happy new year

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              Michael Gerasimoff

              Well, another 4 years has passed and DS-Sworks has not deigned this worthy of repair. The same problem is still in SW-2016. The file is wrong, but I managed to copy the XLS file mentioned and correct the red-flagged items "by choosing the correct answer" from the drop-down list of XLS column headings.

              Having jumped that relatively easy hurdle with the help of a nearly correct XLS file, the next problems are that the instructions do not seem to produce the correct response in SWorks and then.....SW 2016 crashes.

              For the extraordinary cost of SWorks software and the now extortionate constrictions imposed (e.g., no support, even for errors in existing software, without subscription...you have to subscribe and keep "upgrading" and so expose yourself to a whole NEW set of errors....etc.), I find that the lack of due diligence (pre-release testing for example) is apalling.