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    DRF-270 Class Forum

    Adam Scheible

      Started for my DRF-270 students at Portland Community College.

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          James Harnett

          Thanks for getting this thread started Adam,


          I have not heard from the SW staff on their blessings to initiate such threads.  I'm confident that there have been similar threads started in the past, and that there will be many good contributions herein.




          This thread was generated out of the need for student communications outside of the class environment.  It is open to all students and professionals who wish to participate.  Some adherence to mutual respect for others and the control of ones language will be expected from students and professionals.  Adam Scheible is the on-going instructor for this class and has taught the advanced class as well.  Adam is an active SW professional in production design and a registered CSWA and CSWP with the folks at SW / Dessault.


          This class is an introductory to SW utilizing the SDK 2010 in a classroom setting, and is to be followed with an intermediate and / or advanced class thread.  Some say that there are only the two class levels (intro and adv), but I contend that there are several areas whereby the topics become quite steeped in specialized applications of the software.  I do agree that there are at least the two fundamental classes to introduce the student to SW as a whole, but which leave out many details that can only be covered through continued classes or experience.  I predict that there will be several class threads to follow (piping, surfacing, electrical, electronics, structures, aerospace, automotive, etc.).


          If we keep these threads structured to specific educational topics and grow with that in mind, then all interested should benefit from the shared input of Q, A, and opinion sessions similar to what many user groups might present.  Many of the existing topics seem to have repeated over time.  Granted, things do change with the improvements of each version upgrade.  My concern has been with the redundant threads that were started in the past.


          Educational SDK downloads are available and the activation key will be e-mailed to those who complete the request form.  There are many relevant informative threads and help files concerning the education installations, activation keys, transfers to different computers and users, multiple commercial and education installs, etc..  I'll post some of those links in the morning.

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              James Harnett

              Here is a very helpful tip on multiple installs from Brian Lindahl (284 posts since, Mar 7, 2007), on Jul 5, 2011 12:19 PM


              Ref: 2011 Student LIC?


              "I have one Student license, and one home extension license.  I have 4 versions (releases - 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) all running under the same home extension serial number or license.  These four versions under one SN will only run one at a time, in that I need to exit SW2008 home extension to run SW2011 home extension.  If I want to run the Student version, I have to reboot and run a different operating environment.  In my case, "dual boot" means I physically remove the hard drive and replace it with a different hard drive, so it is not a "typical" dual boot situation, but results in the same ability as a regular "dual boot" on a physically common hard drive."

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                  James Harnett

                  General Rules for Multiple Installation Allowances

                  I have summarized collected comments from several respondents within these forums and from documents and representatives of SW in a set of rules pertaining to the subject.  To the best of my knowledge, these are correct.


                  1. You may install any number of compatible add-ons, non-licensed, or free software from SW.
                  2. You may only install SW under an active authorized license.
                  3. You may only install SW under a single license on each system (computer) boot configuration.
                  4. Each educational version of SW requires a unique license.  An educational license may only be applied to a single educational installation.
                  5. Multiple commercial versions of SW can be installed under a single license, only with a home extension license.
                  6. An existing educational license for SW must be uninstalled (the proper removal method) before installing a different installation of SW (either commercial or education version) on the same boot drive.
                  7. A SW educational version may not be installed with another SW installation that requires an authorized license, as this would constitute two different licenses.
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                    James Harnett

                    Educational Licenses are Essencially Free for the Asking


                    An educational licenses has been made available educational institutions.  Registered students can complete the required form and then download an education versions applicable to the current academic year.  Ask your instructor for relevant form information.


                    In an excerpt by Deepak Gupta (8,407 posts since Jan 17, 2008), on Jun 29, 2011 5:04 AM


                    …the educational/student versions are linked to a school year. So, the educational/student version labeled 2011-2012 are based on SolidWorks 2011. It is just due to the timing of when it needs to be produced (mid-year) that it is based on the commercial version with a name that matches the current calendar year and not the version that comes out towards the end of that year (SolidWorks 2012 in this year's case). So, the educational/student version that will be based on SolidWorks 2012 will be called 2012-2013.

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                  James Harnett


                  How might a student register the educational SDK software that was downloaded (while at his school) for installing on his desktop at home where there is no Internet connection?  The download process requires that the student complete the form first and then pickup the e-mailed activation key.  Before the SW SDK can be installed on his computer at home, it appears that it must be registered with the activation key directly with Dassault.  His worksite will not allow him to take his computer to work and connect to their network for this purpose.  The school frowns on doing this as well, and their IT is not equipped with the man-hours for this purpose.

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                      James Harnett


                      The registration process is available via direct Internet connection with SolidWorks or by sending the registration form via e-mail.  E-mail should be available theough most any library, Internet Cafe, or student resource center.  The registration form is included with the installation process and can be printed.  It would therefore, seem that one should be able to complete the printed form and mail it to SolidWorks by way of the USPS.