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Self-extracting model does not open

Question asked by Scott Barnes on Jul 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by Scott Barnes

One of our customers sent us a self-extracting EXE containing an eDrawing model from SolidWorks 2011 SP3. The model opens and displays correctly on several of our Windows XP SP3 computers. On several others, nothing at all is displayed: no error messages, no windows, no processes left hanging around.


I was tempted to chalk this up to a video problem, until I found that one working PC and two non-working PCs had Intel 82945G on-board video capability with identical software drivers. (I'm aware that motherboard-based video is probably iffy for any sort of 3-D mechanical CAD.)


All of the involved PCs have at least 1 GB of system RAM; some have 2 GB.


Any other ideas why the eDrawing program is not working consistently for us?