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Light Pipe Rendering

Question asked by Derek Meyers on Jul 5, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by Matthew Perez

Unless I completely missed something, I wasn't able to find any suitable answers searching the forums first, so here's what I've got.  Is it possible in PV360 to render, well, anything, and get a relatively accurate output?


For the example I have attached below, it is something like a faucet, with water flowing out, and a row of LED's behind the water.  In reality, we've tested this, so I know that there should be a fairly good amount of illumination radiating out along the upper surface, as well as some following the spillway flow as well.


I'm up for any sort of suggestion, or similar function that I can't seem to get to really render accurately (light pipe a transluscent plastic, back light a semi-transparent panel, etc.).  I know there are ways to use the software to create this visually, such as applying an illumination value directly to the water itself, but I was hoping to get a more realistic result by setting up a more accurate scenario.


Thanks in advance.