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Mechanical engineer drafter wanted in Pasadena California

Question asked by Jennifer Elbe on Jul 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2011 by Earl Navarro

A small design firm is looking a Solidworks Pro operator.  The job is turn the designers sketches and drawing into 3D versions in Solidworks.  Past experience with ProEngineer and Autodesk is highly desired.  You will rarely work on the same project and days will always be innovative and challanging.


This position is located in Pasadena, Califnoria.  Please be local to the area as you will need to report to the design studio five days a week.  Relocation assistance is NOT offered.


The position will be part-time to begine with and will ramp up to full time.  This will largely determined by the workload and time to get projects in producation.


For consideration please email: resume, cover letter, and sample of work to


Salary is DOE.