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WPDM - Populating the Vault - Task manager/new template help?

Question asked by Joseph Ankers on Jul 5, 2011
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Im getting near the launch of the WPDM system, left with the last few thing to iron out. one of them is the procedure for putting the Files in. so far i have identified 2 issues,


1) The order in which to enter the files


2) Getting the files ready for WPDM Custom properties.



1) i propose just adding the products 1 by one, Just doing a pack and go on the top level assembly. first just to another location. Make sure that it works. and then insert it into the Vault just via the task plane on the right hand side


we have 130 products at the moment, Hopefully adding them 1 by 1 will mean that any shared parts will be identified by PDM and not duplicated.


2) - Issue. I have the File Templates will all the custom properties on. Now is there a way to update the old files to these new Part/assembly templates? maybe using task scheduler?


i have no idea how to do this so ANY input on this topic would be excellent!


Thanks alot Once again