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Fillet on a curl

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2011 by Alessandro Frattini

Modeling question here. I'm making a plastic clip with a curl on the end (curl on right, shown below). A large fillet on one side of the curl follows a straight line, as if it were an extruded cut. This isn't what I want, I want the fillet to follow the curl as if a surface were thickened where the corner of the surface had a fillet. You can't fillet a corner on a surface directly, so that won't work. I could get this to happen if I used sheet metal features, but this is a plastic part, and sheet metal is going to get in the way of the plastic features I may need to put on this.


A full round fillet doesn't work, and a face fillet does the same thing a regular fillet does. Sketching a spline on surface to trim a fillet off the corner doesn't work well, when it comes to assigning sketch relations to the edges.




Aside from making a surface, trimming the corner to a fillet, then thickening, or creating a lofted cut on the corner to simulate a fillet that follows the curl along the thickness of the material, does anyone have any useful suggestions?



And while we're at it, let's make some enhancement requests, in case SolidWorks ever decides to start developing 3D CAD functionality again:


  1. ability to add fillets to corners on surface faces
  2. allow fillets to follow thickness of curving material