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    Contact Patch Observation

    Austin Allen



      I have created a simulation in which a rounded object presses against a flat

      one, and I would like to observe only the area between the two objects that

      is in contact. I would also like to see the pressure distribution on those

      elements in contact. Could someone tell me if there is any way to do either

      of these things? Thank you very much!



      Austin Allen

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          Jonathan Bechtel



          If the loading is in the normal direction only, then use an axisymmetic FEA model.  This will allow for a huge mesh increase.  Make sure the mesh is to the point of ridiculous.  To observe the correct behavior of Hertzian contact using an FEA model is extremely difficult.  I gave up years ago when the results were not anywhere close to what I was being shown in my tribology class.


          To save time as well you could replace the flat surface with a rigid wall assumming the sphere is alot softer than the flat plate.


          Another option is to use the higher end FEA packages.

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            Kevin De Smet

            If it may be of use to you, you can define a stress plot and in the drop down choose CP:Contact Pressure.