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    Instructional drawings?

    Doug Whitted

      Solidworks Premium 2011



      I'm interested in knowing the best way to create stepped instructional drawings of parts. Let me explain....What I want to do is in step #2 below:


      1. Have a finisished/complete solid working drawing (slddrw) that will show the finished part in it's entirety. Which I know how to achieve.
      2. Have a set (1 or more) of "instructional" solid working drawing(s) (slddrw) that will show important steps/phases during the manufacturing of the part is where my question lies.
        • EX1: Instructions for masking certian areas before finishing.
        • EX2: Instructions for welding.
        • EX2: Instructions for precision machining.


      But I want them to be linked to 1 solid part (sldprt) file...Is that possible?