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    Solidworks Explorer Installation Failure.

    Joseph Ankers

      When installing solidworks Explorer 2011 4.0 i am having a installation error.


      - downloaded the file from solidworks site.


      - during installation, the loading bar gets right to the end - even installs the desktop shortcuts


      - then it starts to go backwards, removes all the files, and then gives you a installtion box telling you that it has not been installed.


      Any ideas?

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          Scott McFadden


          Need a few more details.  Are you installing the correct version?

          Meaning,did you get the version for either 32 or 64 bit?  what about the

          version you are coming from?

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              Joseph Ankers

              We think we may have found the problem, but any help in this issue would be great.


              We wanted to run a Dummy machine, Just to have solidworks explorer on - Not to edit solidworks files as such just for admin use.


              Now originally we just downloaded the SWexplorer pack from the website.


              We now think that you need to have a solidworks pre req files before you can install it. To do this you need to use the SW disk to install it.


              so we planned on using the disk, deselecting everything and just installing the installer. to do this you need to open the "individual installation" then deselect everything.


              However if we use the disk. we cannot select "individual installation" because it is greyed out because the processor is not compatible with SW.


              So if anyone knows of a workaround to get solidworks explorer working that would be great.


              we have the correct 32 bit version - its a clean install.

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              Lawrence Scheeler

              I am having the same problem where the installation rolls back after getting close to done.  We have tried it on several types of computer systems. 

              We do not have Solidworks installed on the machines we want the explorer on.  It failed for certain on my XP 32bit Quad Core.  I am not certain which other machines it was tried on by think it failed on a windows 7 machine and a 64 bit processor as well.

              Any fixes for this yet?  I contacted Customer 'Service' twice and never received a reply.

              Any help will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance

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                  Joseph Ankers

                  we have managed to get it to work.

                  You need to install some pre stuff from solidworks.

                  Im just trying to remember what we did.

                  If i remember, We had to go onto the solidworks download site, then download some individual bits I cant remember which ones and nither can my co workers. if i remember i will post them up here!

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                      Lawrence Scheeler

                      I appreciate the response and hope you can remember which pre-stuff did the trick.  What do you mean by bits?  Do you mean installing the SW Viewer, E-Drawings, or DraftSight?

                      Thanks again for whatever help you can remember/give!

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                        Don Lane

                        Hello to you Joseph,


                        Thank you and all others who have posted on this topic of the SolidWorks Explorer almost installing completely and then rolling back without modifying anything on the computer.


                        We are frustrated here as well.


                        My name is Don and I am at the SolidWorks Community Forums today seeking help as to why SolidWorks Explorer won’t install on two of our PC’s that are running Win XP Pro SP3, 32-bit OS. When I searched on that question in the SW Forum your name came up and I can see in your post dated 3/6/12 that you "...have managed to get it to work." Those words cause us to have hope. Have you remembered now what you did? If so would you be able to post that here or send it to us via email?


                        In our case we simply want to install SolidWorks Explorer as described above (our copy is SW 2012) and just when it is about to finish the install, the installer indicates it is rolling back. Then the installer window appears and simply says “install was interrupted before SolidWorks Exploer SP01 could be completely installed”. No other error messages appear. When I click over to the Windows Event Viewer nothing appears there as well that would give me a clue as to why the install rolls back after almost completing.


                        Again the above is on PC's running XP Pro 32-bit. But when we have no problem installing SW Explorer 2012 on our Win 7 64-bit PC’s it installs just fine. We have the install DVD for both 32 and 64 bit.


                        Anyone out there that is still having this problem? Any thoughts on this topic would be so dearly appreciated!

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                            Lawrence Scheeler

                            I understand your frustration.  A very helpful solidworks Tech Support Representative (Jeff Niederman) replied to my original inquiry with them and supplied a solution.  He directed me to use a different download and Instalation Manager with several instructions with pictures.  THe process included a password that may or may not still work so your probably best to contact support directly at support[att]solidworks[dot]com


                            att = @ and dot =.


                            some websites have spam problems so I want to avoid that if possible.

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                                Don Lane

                                Thank you Lawrence, Chevy Kok and Jeff Niederman.


                                You all had input to share on this SW Explorer install roll back problem that we were having when attempting installation of SWE on our workstations running XP Pro SP3. We are using the SolidWorks 2012 DVD as our source for the program.


                                We are so grateful for that you took the time to put your thoughts on this topic out to this commuity and thereby help us complete the installation our team needed!




                                Don for the team.

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                                    Don Lane

                                    Is Jeff Niederman from Technical Customer Support out there?


                                    Hello Jeff or anyone that can answer this question.


                                    We still need to install SW Explorer 2012, 32 bit on some more workstations that run 32 bit XP.


                                    You had sent out an excellent solution to a problem many were having when they attempted to install SW Explorer 2012 where it almost finishes and then roll's back out of the installation and doesn't install it. You told us to go to the Installation Managers for either 32 bit or 64 bit XP or Win 7 and gave us the path of http://tsftp.solidworks.com/SW2012_SP/SP2_IMssldimsp2-32.zip for the 32 bit. You gave us the user name and pword we would need and it worked great.


                                    But now we need to do it again and when we go out to that same path we get to the point of double clicking the sldIM.exe file but then nothing happens the screen remains blank as if the exe file as been altered. Was there a time limit set on this executable to stop working?


                                    Any thoughts?

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                            Hannes Vainionpaa

                            I was setting up PDM server and needed to instal SLDW explorer 2013 on other machines so that supervisors and our clients can follow and interact with us during the project.


                            Most of the time SLDW explorer would not install and rolls back. Only way I could make the SLDW EXPLODER to install is by using the disk to install the SLDW explorer and sldw Edrawings. But this work around is bit bothersome if the supervisor or client happens to be other side of the country or planet.


                            After using the disk I noticed bunch of C++ Visual Studio versions was installed. now I  uninstalled the SLDW explorer and used the normal SLDW explorer setup.exe succecfully to install the SLDW explorer... so maybe Visual studio is what you need.


                            Second work around was that I log in to solidworks account http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/downloads.htm and download the 2013 installer but only select the free products installation (leave lisence key empty). Altough I am not sure if sharing the insaller with our client is legal if our client do not have valid licence with Solidwoks... but to install SLDW explorer or the free products using the installer one does not need lisence number.

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                              Rob Wilson

                              I ran into the same issue and resolved it. I have always just installed SW Explorer 2011 SP4 on my Win 7 client machines. This would install E-drawings and SW Explorer with PDM access. I never had an issue in the past. Then recently I got some new Windows 7 SP1 PC's not much different than the ones I got last year and all of a sudden I couldn't install SW Exploer 2011 SP4. As mentioned above it would install and roll back the entire installation in the blink of an eye. I have a full disk image (copied on the network) of SW 2011 SP2 (both x64 and x32 fix works for both). I then ran the install from the disc image of SW 2011 SP2 and only chose E-drawings and Explorer. The install completed and then I could run the SW Explorer SP4 update and it would work fine. I noticed that installing it from the full installation disk installs C++ 2005 redistributable and C++ 2008 redistributsable. It seems these files are requred now for SW Explorer to work/install correctly. I have tested this now a few times and it works everytime when installed from the disk image. It is a pain to now do two installations to get things to where they need to be but it works. I can't explain however why I never had to do this before on the PC's I purchased last year and they are almost virtuually the same identical build.

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                                Bill Florac

                                I had same problem. Worked around by installing free Solidworks Viewer first. Must have added needed files...

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                                  Steen Winther

                                  I experience a similar problem that left me stumped for a few moments: My SolidWorks Explorer 2014 starts to install when clicked on and after a short time uninstalls itself again without error messages.


                                  The reason is that SolidWorks 2015 is also installed on the machine and SolidWorks Explorer 2015 apparently overrides SolidWorks Explorer 2014. So I have to use SolidWorks Explorer 2015, which works, even though only SolidWorks 2014 is activated.

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                                    Brenan Douglas

                                    We recently ran into the same issue trying to install the SolidWorks Explorer 2013 SP05. As per previous posters, the standalone installer did not install the pre-requisites. We had to manually install the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework and the Visual C++ Redistributable 2005 and 2008 before it would complete the install. Hope that helps.